PHOTO CREDIT: Kelly Vincent @TuesdayWithToomey 

As an Independent Contractor, much of the  work I do in the movement for equality, inclusion and diversity of all people especially women of transgender experience who are of color is by the support of grassroots fundraising and organizing. 

As the Owner & Chief Operation Officer at Making Our Lives Easier LLC, which is a consulting firm that provides quality resources and information through activism, advocacy and community organizing, I am dedicated to the needs of the community. I am dedicated for advocating for equal rights. 

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To support the moment towards transgender equality, to support an independent community based organization owned and operated by the first African American female to serve as a Democratic National Convention delegate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the first ever transgender person to chair a citywide commission in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaina, you may contribute HERE 

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ALL CONTRIBUTIONS benefit the services and operations of Making Our Lives Easier LLC. 

Below are images from various events and speaking engagments I participated in or organized with a team of awesome individuals, in the name of for social justice.


PHOTO CREDIT: @TuesdayWithToomey


PHOTO CREDIT: @RallyForTransRights

PHOTO CREDIT: Hanbit Imaging @Black&BrownWorkersCollective Call to Action for Trans Muders

PHOTO CREDIT: Jennifer Bryant @PopUpLoveAntiTranProtest


PHOTO CREDIT: Hanbit Imaging @AIDS Fund National Transgender HIV Awareness Day



Martin Luther King Day of Service