“My Black Men” By: Sharron L. Cooks for “Women Who Love Males of Color” Directed By: Zuhairah McGill. First Person Arts

To be completely honest, I wasn’t trained to love black men. My father is a black man and was the first one to let me down. My first disappointments were with my dad. He rarely, let me clarify, never came around. He was the first black man that left me to drown.


The black boys in school that used to tease me because of the way I pronounce my vowels, they would be the same black boys that punched me so hard, I hit the ground. Black guys, ewww, those two words were an awful sound.


My experience with black men didn’t begin very sound but I would eventually learn that there are Black Men that will treat me like I’m wearing my crown.


I learned this later on in life, there are black men that won’t try to tear me down.


For the first time, in my life right now, I am surrounded with Black Men that have turned my negative perception of them completely around.


My black men wear suits when we are out on the town.


My black men cheer me up when I am down. My black men understand, as a woman, sometimes my emotions go up and down but that doesn’t stop them from encouraging me, elevating me and letting me know,…. That, I am, worthy.


My black men protect me, invest in me, fight for me.


They understood how broken I was and they helped heal me.


My black men are the ones not shown on TV.


The ones who attended private schools only.


The ones busy and on the go, but never too busy to show me their love.


My black men aren’t the ones with their pants sagging in the back- not that there is anything wrong with that.


They are the ones who read black power political books, defend me in court, and took me home to meet their mama, “Hi Mrs. Parsons and his momma said, “you must be Ms. Cooks.


My black men stand up for me in my absence, and adore me in my presence.  They put me in the headlines to inspire and impact the masses. They help me make history, being the first-ever was fantastic.


My black men could be the next ones. To be arrested at a Starbuck or shot holding an Iphone mistaken for a gun. I cherish my black men because they taught me how to love.


Thank you to my black men, you are appreciated, you are loved.


By: Sharron L. Cooks


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